sa-yoga [p= 1112,2] [L=225750]
conjunction , combination , connection (°ge or °geu ifc. " in connection with , with regard to , concerning ") , union or absorption with or in (gen. , or instr. with and without saha , or loc. , or ifc.) A1past. MBh. &c

esp. in phil. " direct material contact " , as of sesamum seed with rice-grains [in contradistinction to contact by the fusion of particles , as of water with milk] , enumerated among the 24 guas of the nyāya cf. under sam-bandha) Yogas. Kan2. Bha1sha1p.

MBh. &c

gen. , saha with instr. , or comp.) Gaut. Mn. MBh. &c

Ka1m. Hit.

bheda) R.

°gak , " to undertake , set about , begin " ; agnihotra-sayogamk , " to undertake the maintenance of a sacred fire ") A1past. Mn. R.

Pra1t. Pa1n2. &c


astron.) conjunction of two or more heavenly bodies MW.


of śiva MBh.
(H2) m.
[L=225751]contact (
[L=225752]carnal contact , sexual union
[L=225753]matrimonial connection or relationship by marriage with or between (
[L=225754]a kind of alliance or peace made between two kings with a common object
[L=225755]agreement of opinion , consensus (opposed to
[L=225756]applying one's self closely to , being engaged in , undertaking (
[L=225757](in gram.) a conjunct consonant , combination of two or more consonants
[L=225758]dependence of one case upon another , syntax
[L=225760]total amount , sum